LUCKi - Leg Ulcer Prevention


Leg Ulceration Compression Kit

Are any of these FAMILIAR?

  • My patients complain of painful and uncomfortable compression bandaging.
  • My nurses complain that the compression bandaging we use currently are difficult to put on patients and do not cater to some patients with extra small or large legs.
  • I get frustrated when my patients present with recurrent ulcers but do not follow my prescribed compression regiment.
  • My patients do not wear the stockings.
  • My patients complain at the high cost in replacing/ replenishing their compression bandaging.


[the solution]

LUCKi is a multi-layered compression system for the treatment of venous ulcers.

The first layer is an all-around-the-clock compression stocking. Most other stockings are recommended for ambulatory use. LUCKi’s very comfortable first layer is worn day and night and this prevents swelling that inevitably happens at night. The special knitting secures primary dressing and acts as a stocking applicator for the second layer. The second layer of LUCKi is daytime wear bringing compression up to 35-40mmHg.

LUCKi is a simple and comfortable but very effective aid in healing venous ulcers.

In one trial, the two layer stocking was randomised against a popular short stretch bandage, Comprilan. After 12 weeks 44.4% of the ulcers had healed in the two-layer stocking arm and only 17.2% in the short stretch bandaging arm. (go to the Links section for a copy of this trial.)


  • Faster ulcer treatment
  • Precise compression
  • Ease of application
  • Works with primary dressings
  • Significant cost savings
  • Compression hosiery confidence

LUCKi - Leg Ulcer Prevention

How to Use

[care instructions]

To maintain optimum condition and elasticity:

For best results wash inner and outer daily.
HOT WASH ( > 60°C)
WARM WASH (40°C) and tumble dry on medium.
Please wash stockings in laundry bags to protect them.
Do not wash in cold water.
Wear inner overnight when at rest/sleep.
Wear inner and outer during the day when ambulatory.

LUCKi - Leg Ulcer Prevention

Sizes and Codes

[fitting chart]

Make 2 decisions.

1. Select the required Compression level

  • 30-35 mmHg (Class II) or
  • 35-40 mmHg (Class III) at the ankle.

2. Select the Style for the outer stocking

  • Option 1: Black sock
  • Option 2: Beige knee high hosiery

Take 3 measurements.

1. Measure the smallest ankle circumference
2. Measure the largest calf circumference. 1 & 2 give you your size.
3. Measure the distance from the bend in the knee to bottom heel to get your length.

Ankle (cm)  Calf (cm)  Size  Calf height (knee to heel) Length 
Beige hosiery Black sock
18 - 20
25.5 - 33
To 38 cm To 40.5 cm S
Over 38 cm Over 40.5 cm R
20 - 22.5 30.5 - 38
To 40.5 cm
To 43 cm
Over 40.5 cm
 Over 43 cm
22.5 - 25.5 35.5 - 43
To 43 cm
 To 45.5 cm
 Over 43 cm
 Over 45.5 cm
25.5 - 28  40.5 - 48.5
 To 45.5 cm
 Over 45.5 cm
28 - 30.5  45.5 - 53
 To 45.5 cm
 Over 45.5 cm
30.5 - 33  50 - 58.5
 To 45.5 cm
 Over 45.5 cm
33 - 35.5  55.5 - 66   To 45.5 cm
 Over 45.5 cm


[how to use this table to order/reorder]

Use the SIZE, LENGTH, COMPRESSION CLASS (Decision 1) and Style (Decision 2) to order.


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