Treating pleural effusions is now easier and safer with Pleura-safe® all-in-one safety thoracentesis kit.


Pleura-safe® has a removable blunt Veres needle that substantially reduces the risk of pneumothorax. During puncture, a red colour indicator signifies whether the needle is sharp or blunt, determining when the needle has entered the pleural cavity and warning you when it comes into contact with any resistance, such as the visceral pleura - before it is punctured.

Veres needle

The addition of three patented valves make aspiration of fluid or air a simple procedure. The valves prevent the ingress of air into the pleural cavity at all times and allow the procedure to be carried out single-handedly.

The syringe and drainage bag connect to an automatic 3-way valve, requiring no switches. Drainage of pleural effusion can be done directly through the needle or through the catheter for larger quantities.

Drainage bag

Pleurasafe web.png


How to Use

Pleura-safe® is a quick, single-step, closed, all-in-one safety thoracentesis system – not a kit you need to assemble. 


How to make a pleural puncture using Pleura-safe®

Pleura-safe® demonstration


Sizes and Codes

Each set contains:

1 x catheter (8Ch) with integrated safety puncture needle (14G, 170mm) and automatic three-way valve

1 x 60ml Luer Lock syringe

1 x 2000ml drainage bag with outlet

Latex free, radio-opaque


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