Billy® 360° Rotatable Rongeur


Twist the instrument, not your hand!

  • The 360° rotatable rongeur has an exchangeable shaft, with lengths ranging from 18 to 36cm and widths from 1 to 6mm.
  • For each system you only need one handle. With one handle you can use all shafts, resulting in increased table space. 
  • The hand of the operator remains in one position.
  • Easily detachable, making cleaning and sterilisation simple.


Rongeur set


Billy® 360° Rotatable Rongeur

How to Use


A) The BILLY punch is in the primary position. Hold the handle in one hand and place the fingertips of the hand on the serrations of the lower shaft. Take care not to hold anything but the serrated part.

B) Pull the serrated part backwards to depress the spring and to enable the rotation of the shaft to the preferred position (it’s turnable in both directions).

C) Hold the shaft in the backward position and commerce the rotation in the preferred direction.

D) When you bring the shaft into the desired position, release the spring to set the shaft in the working position. When you hear the CLICK the Billy is fixed and the punch is ready to be used.  


A)   To replace the shaft, press simultaneously on the button.

B)   While the button is pressed, pull the lower shaft forward to detach it from the handle.

C)   To reconnect your BILLY simply slide the shaft in the opposite direction, upon hearing the clicking sound, the instrument is once again ready.

Billy® 360° Rotatable Rongeur

Sizes and Codes

Billy 360° Rotatable Rongeur Codes

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