ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure for Fascia and Skin


ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure enables primary closure ot both fascia and skin.


ABRA abdominal wall closure before and after


Watch this video to see how ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure works



  • Achieves a low-tension primary closure (up to 92% closure rate)
  • Maintains domain, or quickly restores lost domain
  • Eliminates hernia and need for mesh and skin graft
  • Preserves fascial margins
  • Restores normal physiology



  • Used with Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)
  • Reduces OR procedures by 50%
  • Reduces length of stay
  • Allows bedside dressing changes
  • MRI compatible


The ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure system restores the primary closure option for full-thickness, retracted midline abdominal defects. This Dynamic Wound Closure System pulls the muscle planes together under low tension while leaving  fascial margins intact and ready to suture, for a sound primary closure. This ABRA system eliminates the hernia without the need for mesh, and re-approximates the skin margins, elliminating the need to graft.

ABRA Abdominal Wall Closure How it Works


[key components of the ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure system]

ABRA Abdominall Wall CLosure Button Anchor


Silicone Sheet of the Abdominal Wall Closure System 

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ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure for Fascia and Skin

How to Use

[how to use]

Instructions for use for the ABRA® Wall Abdominal Wound Closure can be downloaded here.





The ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure is indicated for retracted, full-thickness midline abdominal closre after laparotomy for Abdominal Compartment Syndrome (ACS), abdominal hernia, mesh removal, AAA, or abdominal trauma, and for retention of abdominal wall closure.

Wound Closure System are indicated for use in controlling, reducing, or closing retracted soft tissue defects.


[frequency of change]

The ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure Set must not be left on for more than 29 days.

The ABRA® are not intended to be resterilised or reused. Stresses and fractures may be created during use and resterilisation that cannot be detected by visual inspection, which may prevent thorough decontamination of the product and compromise structural integrity.


ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure for Fascia and Skin

Sizes and Codes

Product code Size

ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure Set



ABRA® Extension Kit

(For wounds longer or wider than 30 cm)


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