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Dermatology: Scar Management

ABRA® Adhesive Skin Closure for Retracted Skin Defects

ABRA® Adhesive Skin Closure provides non-invasive skin closure of retracted skin defects, leaving nothing behind except a sound primary repair.



Kelo-cote® is a patented topical silicone gel for the management and prevention of abnormal scars in the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Kelo-cote® is unique because while it applies as a gel or spray, it transforms into true silicone sheeting on the skin.

“[Kelo-Cote® formulation] is appealing because no fixation is required; it is invisible when dry; and sun blocks, makeup, or both can be applied in combination. These features suggest that [Kelo-Cote® formulation] could currently be the most recommendable agent for scar treatment, especially in visible areas.”
Signorini M, Clementoni MT. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2007; 31: 183-187

Kelo-cote® UV: Scar Management Gel with SPF 30 Sunscreen

The Australian outdoor-loving lifestyle can be very harsh on the skin. Sun, sea and surf with high UV exposure can be very damaging and aging to our skin.

Built on the Kelo-cote® technology, Kelo-cote® UV is boosted with in-built SPF 30 suncreen.

MediSil Silicone Scar Tape

MediSil is an atraumatic silicone tape designed to gently adhere to the skin. It helps to protect the skin and reduces pain for patients. 

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Sonoca is neurosurgical dissector technology modified for wound debridement.

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