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Complex Wound Management - Theatre: Sternal Closure

DynaClose® for Closing Wounds Without Grafts or Negative Pressure

DynaClose® provides an easy, painless and non-invasive method to close retracted or dehiscred wounds up to 5 cm in width. DynaClose provides a second chance at skin closure for failing wounds or wounds under tension.


RTI Surgicalâ„¢ Sternal Cable System

The RTI Surgical™ Sternal Cable System is an improved alternative over traditional monofilament sternal wire.

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Stracos 3D Rib Clips

Stracos 3D Rib Clips are intended for the surgical stabilisation of single, multiple and comminuted fractures of the ribs, either immediately after trauma or secondary after failed conventional therapy.

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Tritium Sternal Cable Plates (SCP) System

The Tritium® SCP System is a novel approach to enhancing the stability and strength of traditional sternal closure techniques. Using a unique load sharing design concept, the device can be implanted to distribute lateral force across the osteotomy. 

The Tritium SCP System incorporates the advantages of cerclage cables and cancellous screws to create a load sharing design that provides compression across the median sternotomy. Compared to pure lateral of anterior fixation systems, Tritium SCP offers 360° of sternal fixation.

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