DynaClose® for Closing Wounds Without Grafts or Negative Pressure


DynaClose® provides an easy, painless and non-invasive method to close retracted or dehisced wounds up to 5 cm in width. DynaClose® provides a second chance at skin closure for failing wounds or wounds under tension.

Unlike striips which only try to maintain the status quo, DynaClose® pulls wound margins together.

Dynaclose before and after


By simply stretching and applying it to the skin, a dynamic force progressively draws the wound edges together for closure without staples and sutures. An elastic adhesive fabric bonds to th skin while a silicone elastomer progressively a pulls the wound margins together.



  • Pulls open wounds closed
  • Eliminates sutures, staples, glue and OR time
  • Ensures high tension incisions remain closed
  • Reduces pain by relieving incisional tension
  • Promotes patient mobility
  • Control infected wounds



  • Quick and easy application
  • Transparent, adhesive free centre
  • For use above or below wound dressings
  • Cmmpatible with Negative pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)
  • Gentle, painless removal
  • The ultimate in patient comfort


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DynaClose components


DynaClose® for Closing Wounds Without Grafts or Negative Pressure

How to Use

[layout and instructions]

DynaClose® Layout and Prep

Wound preparation:

Best results are achieved when margins are mobile and free of granulation tissue.

Skin Preparation:

Shave and clean the skin area extending 12 cm from thr wound edge. Wipe skin with rubbing alcohol to improve adhesion.


Deep wounds require dressings placed under the dynamic film. Shallow and approximated wounds require dressings placed on top of the dynamic film.

  • Note:Refrain from using small dressings that may get left behind under rapidly closing wound edges. 
  • Note: Avoid any greasy, petroleum jelly impregnated dressings which will reduce adhesive effectiveness.


When wound edges touch, continue applying DynaClose until wound is healed and skin integrity is restored (up to 29 days).




DynaClose® Instructions for Use No. 1


Peel Center

Peel and remove center section of bottom release liner.


DynaClose® Instructions for Use No. 2



Grip ends and pull DynaClose® until the desired tension is achieved, ensuring not to exceed maximum stretch allowed by the limiter. Center wound between green lines.

For low tension wounds and for fragile or ischemic skin, individual DynaClose® tensions can be reduced by not pulling maximum tension limiter fully taut during installation.


DynaClose IFU No.3


Position and press

With the DynaClose® still tensioned, press down between the green and red lines to apply to skin.


DynaClose IFU No.4


Peel ends and apply

Peel off outer release liners and complete application to skin. For optimal adhesion, gently rub the adhesive area.


DynaClose® IFU No. 5


Remove maximum tension limiter

Peel limiter from the ends near the red lines,a dn discard

Repeat steps 1-5 along entire length of wound.


DynaClose® IFU No. 6


Replacing DynaClose®

Replace DynaClose® one at a time as required to maintain closure effectiveness and avoid loss of progress. Replace when the dynamic film length approaches half of its applied length. Peel ends back toward the wound for painless removal.

  • Some adhesive residue may remain on skin if DynaClose® is removed when wet. Remove remaining adhesive residue with a skin adhesive remover or let dry then rub off.


The DynaClose® dynamic skin closure is indicated when:

  • retracted or dehisced wounds cannot be immediately reapproximated
  • closed wounds are at risk of dehiscing
  • reduction of wound area under management is desirable.
  • preventing, controlling, reducing and closing skin defects.



  • If trimming ends of adheisve fabric, reduce tension to prevent skin damage.
  • If allergic reaction occurs, discontinue use.
  • If blistering occurs, relocate at reduced tension or discontinue use.
  • DynaClose® is not resuable. The adhesive tape uses a single-contact adhesive that is not dsigned to withstand repeated use.
  • Do not allow DynaClose® to encircle an extremity as this will restrict circulation. Choose a smaller DynaClose® or trim ends as required.


DynaClose® for Closing Wounds Without Grafts or Negative Pressure

Sizes and Codes

Product code Size


for wounds up to 2.5cm in width

13 x 114mm

4 pcs/pouch, 15 pouches/box


for wounds up to 5cm in width

19 x 216 mm

4 pcs/pouch, 15 pouches/box


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