Kikuhime is a portable sub-bandage pressure monitoring device. A sensor, connected to the monitor, is positioned beneath a bandage to accurately determine the level of compression being applied. Kikuhime may also be used to measure other interface pressures prescribed.


  • Very simple to use
  • Accurate pressure reading
  • Portable size (9 x 6 x 2 cm, weight 90g)
  • Hold function (for steady readout)
  • Long 5yrs battery life
  • Clip for secure attachment


How to Use

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Short Term:
3 day package or daily rate
Ideal for single training session or workshops.
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Long Term:
Monthly rate.
Ideal for large projects or audits.


Sizes and Codes

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1300 362 534

Kikuhime Kit
  • Kikuhime Unit
  • Small sensor
  • 1 Large sensor
  • Calibration tool (screwdriver)
  • Carry case
  • Easy Glide (for removing a sensor from beneath a bandage)

KK-3Way Accessory: 3 way valve
KK-Sml Accessory: Small sensor
KK-Lrg Accessory: Large sensor


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