Stracos 3D Rib Clips


Stracos 3D Rib Clips are intended for the surgical stabilisation of single, multiple and comminuted fractures of the ribs, either immediately after trauma or secondary after failed conventional therapy.

- Fast and secure stabilisation for multiple ribs

- Minimally invasive procedure

- Only two or three instruments

- No screws required

- Reduced risk of damage to the neurovascular bundle

- Flexible clip does not impair the natural movement of the rib after surgery

- Stabilisation alleviates or avoids pain altogether

- Early stabilisation shortens intensive care treatment, including ventilation

-The treated patient is mobile directly after the surgery

Stracos 3D Rib Clips are made of pure titanium, a material accepted worldwide due to its excellent biocompatibility, its mechanical properties and its CT and MRI compatibility.

Stracos 3D Rib Clips won the 2016 Kerrin Rennie Award for Improving Quality of Life.

Fill out an online interest form here, call 1300 362 534 or email for more information.

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Stracos 3D Rib Clips

How to Use

Fill out an online interest form here, call 1300 362 534 or email for more information.

Stracos 3D Rib Clips

Sizes and Codes

Stracos 3D rib clips



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