PicoPress® measures the pressure exerted by elastocompression in both static and dynamic conditions. It is easy to use and can be applied by the patient in the comfort of their home. There is constant monitoring and if levels of compression are abnormal, immediate intervention is possible. The sensors are left under the bandage and allows for repeated measurements.

PicoPress® does not need to be calibrated before use. The sensors are 200µ thick and are manufactured in non-allergenic bio-compatible material.

PicoPress® can memorise as many as 10 readings visible on the display (autonomously without PC) and downloaded on a personal computer using a USB connection. PicoPress® runs on high capacity batteries.


  • Easy to use (no syringes or stopcock valves)
  • Minimal training
  • Dynamic reading
  • Multiple times and multiple locations
  • Replicable, reliable, documentable compression levels
  • Does not need to be calibrated before use
  • Memorise as many as 100 readings
  • Downloaded on a PC via a USB connection


See PicoPress® applied


How to Use


1. Connect the sensor to the manometer.

2. Pull plunger out and wait few seconds while the instrument sets to zero. Push plunger in.

3. Tape the sensor to the limb to be examined, making sure the sensor lies flat. Apply compression bandage.

Turn the instrument on by pressing down on the button for a few seconds.
An acoustic signal will confirm that the instrument is on and the display will light up.
Placing the transducer: place the transducer on the part of the limb to be examined placing it between a thin piece of gauze and the patient’s skin. Make sure that the transducer is stretched out completely when it is applied to the patient and while the bandage is being applied.
Making measurements: connect the transducer to the manometer but do not force the Luer connector. “PULL PLUNGER OUT” will appear on the display: pull out the plunger of the micro pump as much as possible. An acoustic signal will confirm that the plunger has been pulled out to the fullest extent possible . Wait a few seconds while the instrument goes to zero (indicated on the display by the words “WAIT FOR ZERO PRESSURE”).
Push in the plunger without forcing when “PUSH PLUNGER IN” appears on the display. That means that you have reached the end because there is a perceptible click.
You can then read the pressure measurement on the lower line of the display indicating “P = XXX mmHg”
The words “M: MENU :NEW” will appear on the first line of the display
By pushing you can begin to take a new measurement (the zeroing , inflating and measuring phases will be repeated)
By pressing M you enter into the menu where the following choices are available (by rotation pressing M) ”STORE MEMORY”, “VIEW
By pushing when one of these choices appears you are selecting the corresponding function.
”STORE MEMORY”: the pressure value visualized during measurement will be recorded in the file. A maximum of 100 measurements can be recorded.
“VIEW MEMORY”: the measurements memorized in the files are shown in their chronological order. By pushing M the instrument will go to the following measurement, by pushing you will exit from visualizing modality.
“CLEAR MEMORY”: Erases all of the measurements memorized by the instrument. Press both keys and M at the same time.
“LANGUAGE”: permits you to select one of the following languages: Italian, English, German and French
“EXIT”: you exit from the menu options.
Turning the Instrument Off: press the on button at length (about 2 seconds) until it goes off

4. The pressure will be displayed on the screen!


Sizes and Codes

Item Description
Measurement Interval
0 ÷ 189 mmHG
Buttons on / off and menu choice
Display 16 columns liquid crystals, 2 lines
Resolution 12 bit analog to digital converter
Languages Italiian, English, German, French
Supply rechargerable internal batteries
Autonomy more than 5 hours of continuous usage
Body crush proof plastic
Weight 350 grams
Dimensions 180 x 90 x 32 mm
Insulation class II type BF

PicoPress® in a convenient case

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