ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure for High-Tension, Retracted Skin Defects


ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure engaged full-thickness skin and closes high-tension, retracted skin defects, leaving nothing behind except a sound primary repair.

ABRA surgical skin closure


Watch this video to see how ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure System works.


The ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure system restores the primary closure option for retracted skin defects. Over time this dynamic wound closure system re-approximates the skin margins under low tension while normalising compartment pressures, eliminating the need to graft by enabling a primary closure.



  • Achieves primary closure
  • Normalises compartment pressures
  • Restores normal skin integrity
  • Eliminates need to skin graft



  • Promotes patient mobility
  • Reduces OR visits
  • Reduces hospital length of stay and costs
  • Reduces homecare expenses


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ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure for High-Tension, Retracted Skin Defects

How to Use

[intended use]

  • Closure of extremity fasciotomies
  • Closure of reduction of skin defects. Can be used to reduce skin defects over mesh.
  • Note: For full thickness abdominal wound requiring fascia closure, the ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure Set is recommended.


[how to use]

Warning: This device is restricted to sale by or on the order of a physician. System to be used only by a qualified surgical practitioner.


Download the Instructions for Use here.




  • For closure of retracted skin defects including, but not limited to:
  • Fasciotomies
  • Compound fracture wounds
  • Abdominal skin closure over mesh or hernia.


[frequency of change]

The ABRA® Abdominal Wall Closure Set must not be left on for more than 29 days.

The ABRA® are not intended to be resterilised or reused. Stresses and fractures may be created during use and resterilisation that cannot be detected by visual inspection, which may prevent thorough decontamination of the product and compromise structural integrity.



Store at room temperature. Avoid refrigeration, temperatures in excess of 30˚C and exposure to high humidity.

ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure for High-Tension, Retracted Skin Defects

Sizes and Codes

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ABRA® Surgical Skin Closure Set


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