ArtiSential Training Videos

Practice replicating the movements taking place in each of the videos below, until you are confident using the instruments.

Movement is designed to be as intuitive as an extension of your own arm. Suggested target times have been identified to help you track your progress.

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ArtiSential Training Kit

The ArtiSential Training Kit used at our workshops is available to hire so you can improve your skills from home.

The kit will come with a training guide and all equipment necessary to reach at least level 2 in our certification process.

The hire cost is $249 inc GST. The hire period is 2 months. If you are successful in reaching level 2 within the 2 months, you will receive your money back. You will need to have our instructor sign off to say you have completed level 2.

If you wish to know more, please speak to our rep during the workshop or contact us at [email protected]

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1. Instrument Orientation

2. Wristed Movement

3. Base to Top Peg Board (Right Hand)

4. Base to Top Peg Board (Left Hand)

5. Peg Rotation (Right Hand)

6. Peg Rotation (Left Hand)

7. Right to Left Peg Board Transfer (Right Hand)

8. Left to Right Peg Board Transfer (Left Hand)

9. Right to Left Peg Board Transfer (Two Hands)

10. Left to Right Peg Board Transfer (Two Hands)

11. Bottom to Top Peg Board Transfer (Two Hands)

12. Forehand Suturing (Right Hand)

13. Backhand Suturing (Right Hand)

14. Continuous Forehand Suturing (Right Hand)

15. Continuous Forehand Suturing (Left Hand)

16. Continuous Backhand Suturing (Right Hand)

17. Continuous Backhand Suturing (Left Hand)

18. Knot Tying (Right Hand)

19. Knot Tying (Left Hand)