Laparoscopic Surgery

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An Articulating Laparoscopic Instrument achieving full articulation, plus the tactile feedback benefits of an ergonomic handheld device, at a fraction of the cost of robotics.

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Medi-Lap Trainer

Introducing Medi-Lap, the most advanced laparoscopic and thorascopic trainer in ANZ.

This kit provides real-life simulations to surgeons, offering a variety of modules and instruments to practice techniques such as suturing and tumor removal.

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Sonoca 300

The Sonoca 300 ultrasonic aspirator uses ultrasonic vibrations at the tip of the handpiece to create a force capable of cutting through bone with minute precision, and clearing necrotic or tumorous tissue in the brain or liver.

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Suction Irrigator

Continuous suction and irrigation provides clean and clear visualisation of surgical site.

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