ArtiSential® Articulating Laparoscopic Instrument

ArtiSential is currently available in both New Zealand and Australia.

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What if you could achieve full articulation in a laparoscopic instrument, plus the tactile feedback benefits of an ergonomic handheld device, at a fraction of the cost of robotics?

This elegant instrument feels like an extension of the surgeon’s arm into the surgical site.

ArtiSential intuitively mimics the movement of the user’s hand, wrist and fingers, simultaneously translating motion into corresponding movements of the end-effector within the patient’s body.

The device mirrors the operator’s hand movements by controlling the grasping end with two pinching triggers on the handle, and the wrist guiding a fully articulated head.

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Robot Vs ArtiSential Suturing

  • 360 degrees of freedom

  • Intuitive control, matching user’s finger and wrist movements

  • Complete line-up of instruments

  • Maintains proximity to patient

  • Tactile feedback

Product Information

ArtiSential comes with a complete line-up of instruments:

  • Needle Holding Fenestrated Forceps
  • Clip Applier Medium Large
  • Short Needle Holder
  • Scissors
  • Needle Holding Maryland Style Forceps
  • Self-Righting Needle Holder
  • Cautery Hook

ArtiSential can be used in existing surgical environment without any additional devices, systems or footprint. This increases the capabilities of laparoscopic surgery.

Example ArtiSential Applications

 Diaphragm Plication