Medi-Lap Mini

Portable Laparoscopic Trainer with Modules, Instruments and USB Camera


How do you perfect your laparoscopic skills?

This revolutionary kit is designed to enhance your surgical skills by providing a compact and user-friendly platform for practicing essential techniques such as cutting, grasping, suturing, and knotting.

The Medi-Lap Mini training kit is meticulously crafted to meet the needs of aspiring surgeons, medical students, and practicing professionals alike. With its intuitive design and comprehensive features, this desk trainer offers an unparalleled training experience in the comfort of your own workspace.

Equipped with an adjustable 1080p USB camera, the Medi-Lap Mini allows you to connect directly to your laptop, enabling you to closely monitor and review your performance. This real-time visual feedback enhances your learning process and enables you to identify areas for improvement, ultimately helping you refine your surgical techniques.

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  • Compact and user-friendly trainer

  • Practice essential surgical skills

  • Realistic instruments for authenticity

  • Adjustable 1080p camera plugs into your laptop

  • Simulate different surgical scenarios

  • Additional modules for specialized training


Included in the kit are high-quality instruments specifically tailored for laparoscopic procedures. By practicing with the Medi-Lap Mini, you can develop the dexterity, precision, and muscle memory required for successful laparoscopic surgery.

We understand that practice in different lighting conditions is crucial for honing your skills. That’s why the Medi-Lap Mini includes an adjustable light source, allowing you to simulate various surgical scenarios and adapt to different lighting environments. This feature ensures that you are prepared for any situation you may encounter during laparoscopic procedures.

To further expand your training possibilities, various modules are available to use. These modules provide specialized training scenarios, enabling you to practice specific procedures and challenges you may encounter in the operating room. With the Medi-Lap Mini, you have the flexibility to tailor your training to your individual needs and progress at your own pace.