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Designs for Vision REVEALTM Fluorescence Guided Surgery

Introducing REVEAL FGS

The first WEARABLE Fluorescence Guided Surgery system, providing surgeons with freedom of movement and positioning during FGS procedures.

Designs for Vision’s new REVEALTM FGS system combines blue excitation light with emission filtered eyewear providing vibrant fluorescent visualization. Various magnifications can be incorporated into the REVEALTM FGS system. This portable, wearable system offers the same visualization of other Fluorescence Guided Surgery approaches, with several distinct advantages including the ability to change perspective by simply changing your line of sight.



Enhanced Visualization
through emission filtering in both the magnification and eyeglass lens optics calibrated to REVEALTM FGS Tribeam HDiTM Headlight

TriBeam HDiTM Headlight
combines three HDiTM (High Definition Imaging) LEDs enabling the surgeon to decide between two excitation settings and white light

Wireless Bluetooth Foot Pedal
enables the surgeon to control light settings easily

Complete Mobility
allowing surgeons to move around and view the surgical site at different angles

Light Transmission Greater than 91%
enabling surgeons to visualize a more brilliant fluorescence with greater detail

Magnification Custom Fit
to the surgeon, no special optical adjustments needed


The Science behind REVEAL FGS

To learn more about the science behind the REVEAL-FGS, read the article titled Development and validation of a triple-LED surgical loupe device for fluorescence-guided resections with 5-ALA

CLICK HERE for additional scientific studies and videos of REVEAL FGS.

Reveal FGS entire system