Sonoca 185 is neurosurgical dissector technology modified for wound debridement.

The device utilises ultrasonic vibrations in the tip of a handpiece to destroy necrotic tissue, stimulating the healing of chronic wounds. It creates and collapses microbubbles in water, generating a force capable of washing away infected or necrotic tissue, whilst leaving healthy tissue unaffected.

One 5 min treatment6 weeks later

The Sonoca 185 device operates at low frequencies, which allow preservation of healthy tissue, promoting quick healing at the wound site. This process also reduces the risk of further infection at the site.

  • Vasodilatation and resolution of vasospasms result in increased blood flow, faster healing.

  • Stimulation of fibroblasts, macrophages and endothelial cells

  • Limited trauma – histological samples demonstrate that healthy tissue at the wound edge and bed remain undamaged

  • The device comes with 3 handpiece tips: double-ball, hoof and spatula, which allow the customisation of treatment based on different anatomies

  • Wound pockets, surface wounds, and intermediate, difficult-to-reach wounds can all be accessed with the wide range of tips

  • Irrigation and power levels can both be customised to ensure no damage is done to surrounding tissue

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