Medi-Lap Laparoscopic and Thoracoscopic Trainer

The Surgeons’ Ultimate Laparoscopic Training Kit

Medi-Lap is currently available in both Australia and New Zealand


How do you perfect your laparoscopic skills?

What if you could practice multiple approaches and port positions in one simple training simulator?

Introducing Medi-Lap, the most advanced laparoscopic and thorascopic trainer in ANZ.

This kit provides real-life simulations to surgeons, offering a variety of modules and instruments to practice techniques such as suturing and tumor removal.

Many surgeons find Medi-Lap useful in helping them practice advanced laparo-robotic and thorascopic surgery. MediGroup conducts workshops across ANZ to develop surgeons’ skills in laparo-robotics. Click here to learn more.

  • Rotatable 11″ screen

  • 30° Endoscope

  • Abdomen shaped

  • Suture and anastomosis modules

  • Basic practise modules

  • Wide range of instruments

  • Optional lifting trolley