Neurosurgery and Neurology

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Designs for Vision REVEAL FGS

Designs for Vision’s new REVEALTM FGS system combines blue excitation light with emission filtered eyewear providing vibrant fluorescent visualization. This portable, wearable system offers the same visualization of other Fluorescence Guided Surgery approaches, with several distinct advantages including the ability to change perspective by simply changing your line of sight.

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evonos Neurosurgical Instruments and Implants

evonos designs and manufactures high-quality neurosurgical instruments and implants that are preferred by many leading surgeons. Products include perforators that require less force, implants that fit perfectly, and fixation plates that cause less irritation to patients and are easier for surgeons to attach. To put it briefly, uniquely innovative products that contribute to optimal results.

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Sonoca 300

The Sonoca 300 ultrasonic aspirator uses ultrasonic vibrations at the tip of the handpiece to create a force capable of cutting through bone with minute precision, and clearing necrotic or tumorous tissue in the brain or liver.

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