Tritium Sternal Cable Plates System

The Tritium® Sternal Cable Plates (SCP) System is a novel approach to enhancing the stability and strength of traditional sternal closure techniques. Using a unique load sharing design concept, the device can be implanted to distribute lateral force across the osteotomy.

A titanium plate is used for its safety as a prosthetic, an integrated titanium cable is used to approximate the sternum, creating a hybrid 3-dimensional cerclage.

Compared to purely lateral security of anterior fixation systems (sternal plates alone), Tritium SCP offers 360° of sternal fixation.  The Tritium SCP System incorporates the advantages of cerclage cables and cancellous screws to create the optimal load sharing design that provides compression across the median sternotomy.

  • Locking thread technology to provide reverse pressure on bone tissue, securely holding the plate in place

  • Thin cable bluntly dissects tissue surrounding bone to provide continuous tight security

  • Screws sit flush to plate to aid in surgical precision

  • Wide range of plates to suit any anatomy, including complex cases and transverse fractures

  • Stability in all planes of motion

  • Greatest load distribution in area, reducing pull-through

  • Anatomically designed plates for best fit

  • Compression across osteotomy

Pro-Driver™ for use with Tritium SCP

Pro-Dex has developed a simple, autoclavable, readily-available, battery-powered screwdriver for use in multiple surgical applications. The Pro-Driver™ offers surgeons an alternative to the time-consuming and arduous placement of screws and plates, in a variety of surgical procedures.

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